We hardly manage to buy one or two properties in our life. Some people are able to build four-five or more properties. Whenever we buy a property, we expect to get good returns for the property as also having a good future for becoming worth of giving up two, four, or even twenty times more returns. But it is seen that except for a few properties, most of them are unable to get the expected returns. Most of the time when we go to sell that property after years, it does not fetch the right price. We see our lakhs of money sinking with our own eyes.

But have you ever thought that before buying a property worth rupees 20 or 50 lakhs, it should be verified? Have you ever thought that if you are going to invest crores or two crores in the property, then why not gather confidential information about that property as to how beneficial this would be? Or have you ever felt the need to have a company, which will help you to do a complete research and take the right decision regarding the purchase of that property? A company that analyzes the real value of a plot, flat, villa, commercial or other properties by analyzing facts, figures, arguments, surrounding locations, future prospects, etc, and to tell you that the property should be bought or be rejected outrightly.

We provide this facility under JDAapproved.com Property Verification Service. This service has been started for the first time in the country. In property verification, we thoroughly examine the 12 different sides of a property. In which we perform about 60 types of inspections. You can diagnose the property. It carries the marking of every probe, which is feeded in a software. With this marking, the software generates a code that issues the rating of that side of the property. Thus, a deep process goes through the property you are going to buy. It is thoroughly analyzed. After going through this process, a Confidential Report is sent to you from the company in 7 days, which enables you to decide whether the property is going to give you an advantage or a loss.

This verification system and testing process is so difficult that it makes a complete analysis of every small and big aspect of a property. We can assure you that if you get this verification done, you will be shocked to see its results. You will know clearly whether the agent who is showing you the property is giving the over-value property or the under-value property. From this report, you will get to know the real value of the property, which will save you lakhs of rupees.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy any property, then get the property verification done. ...and we will definitely say that do not buy any property at all, absolutely not without any verification. With this, you will be able to save riches.

Standard Verification Time: 7 Days

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