According to a recent report by the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Real Estate Business in India will grow to US $ 1 trillion by 2030. From 2025 onwards, Real Estate will account for about 13 percent of the country's GDP. In such a situation, the residential rental market in the country will be around 20 billion dollars, out of which about 68 percent will be connected to urban areas alone. But amidst this growing possibility of rentals, lakhs of houses in small and big cities of the country are vacant. Landlords are either afraid to rent it or they cannot find a company that acts as a trustworthy bridge between the landlord and the tenant.

JDA builds this trust. We understand all the problems of the landlord and look for a suitable tenant for his house. Check the tenant's profile and then rent the property. It is our endeavour that we continue to do our job responsibly as a good bridge and our listed property owner enjoy their tension-free rental income.

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